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Why onions? Because they are among the most recognisable Polish vegetables and serve as an excellent aroma- and taste-enhancing addition, suitable for use with a plethora of different dishes. As a food product, onions work great in traditional cuisine and constitute a vital element of many fast-food meals! Anyone who has ever tried a hot dog or a hamburger with some of our fried onions will never want a meal without them again!

When making our fried onions, we use proven processing methods that guarantee a specific effect. Not only must the condiments be well fried, but also remain crunchy and retain their distinct taste during long-term storage. Our goal was to obtain a product that can be consumed on its own, used as a condiment for soups and other dishes and even a unique baking addition so that our fried onions can be added to bread and other savoury pastries as well.

A tasty and aromatic complement to a variety of dishes

A tasty and aromatic
complement to a variety of dishes

If fried properly, onions retain their intense aroma and taste, which perfectly emphasize simple and sophisticated dishes alike, including fast-food meals. They…

Golden, crunchy and fried to perfection

Golden, crunchy
and fried to perfection

Frying onions seems like a simple and mundane task, even for a layman. But how can you prepare onions in a way that makes the fantastic taste and aroma become enclosed even in…

A quick and easy way to improve the taste

A quick and easy
way to improve the taste

Sometimes a dish lacks just one thing that would emphasize its intense taste. If salt and pepper are not enough, fried onions are always a great choice. Their unique taste is…

Crispy fried onion producer since 1999

Crispy fried onion
producer since 1999

We have been making fried onions for twenty years! During this time, we discovered how to prepare them properly and convinced many clients that they are indeed the best possible…

Highest product quality and unforgettable taste

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